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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Chaser Takes on Late Night Quiz Shows

The Chaser have done a hilarious comparison of late-night television. Amy Parks appears for the Quizmania team (no Nikki) alongside Hotdogs and the Channel Seven offering, Midnight Zoo.

The segment also features the wonderful moment when someone gave the right answer to the wrong channel.

Watch the video...

(With thanks to whomever captured that video and didn't receive or respond to our email)

There are some more uploads in the Nikki Osborne Gallery. Screen-cappers please note, you can upload your own images to the guest uploads folder - or email them to us.



  • At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hotdog is a pathetic shouting fruit market seller pretending, or even worse, believing to be a cool TV presenter.

    What a huge difference compare to funny man Mike Goldman.

    Hotdog talks, act and interact like a stupid. No substance or fake substance. His jokes and personal stories are as interesting as his 80’s mohican hair cut.

    He does not allow other co-presenters to have their space and constantly shout over them in order to fulfill his miserable egocentric personality. He thinks to be the coolest and first of the rank of all presenters in the show where he is just the most annoying.

    People that call and spend 55c to participate in this stupid game with stupid questions fall in the shouting fruit market seller’s trap and are as stupid / sad as those people that waste money in Pokey Machines.

    Most of the questions are so stupid that even a 5 years old child could answer. The more stupid the questions are the more stupid people call to earn a couple of hundred dollars.

    The Uplate Game Show is a trashy trap and hotdog is the worst TV host I have ever seen.

  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    How can you insult Hotdogs like that? Hotdogs is the most brilliant TV personality around. Southern Star Broadcasting had better compile a DVD of the Up-Late Quiz Show, or I'm gonna go punch some stuff...

  • At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Nikki!
    We are your biggets fans - we absolutely adore Quizmania!We have become nocturnal hermits because of your show!
    We eagerly await 4 hours of great entertainment. When you are on we are so excited we pee our pants but we cant go to the toilet becuase it is agianst the nikki fan club rules!!! we are so devoted to your work!!!
    Good luck for the future and happy Quizmania-ing! (we are so excited that we made up a word).
    Below is a little ttribute to your fine artistic efforts.
    Nikki Osborne is a host,
    She is the one we love the most,
    Quizmania is our life,
    It saves us from all our strife,
    We turn to it when in despair,
    We tape oursleves to our chair,
    My one wish is that we will meet,
    On the set or in the street,
    When the Speed Round comes about,
    I pick up my phone and begin to shout,
    On Sunday night and Monday too,
    The nights are long and I am blue,
    I ponder a past episode,
    This is a very lonely road,
    So this will be my final plee,
    That in the flesh i see Nikki!
    Thankyou for your time and I would like you to PLEASE put me through to the studio some time soon and PLEASE read this poem out asap!

  • At 6:06 PM, Blogger grinch said…

    hello my dear, dear nikki!

    i have a short song that is sung to the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar!

    lalalallalala niiiiikkkkiii
    ow ow ow when my baby
    when my baby smiles at me i pick up the phone
    dial quizmania,
    when my baby smiles at me it really lightens up my life! and i am FREE at last! WHAT A BLASTTTT!,

    love, Bernard your true love

  • At 6:23 PM, Blogger grinch said…

    hello my dear sweet love nikki, i have constructed a poem for you in your honor,

    your seem to be high every night,
    as you leap and prance about,
    but i don't care you have red hair and your pretty with out a doubt!
    so slurp up your 'energy drink' and eat those 'magic beans' for you my dear are slightly queer, oh nikki go drink a beer!

    love bernard!

  • At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey the one and only nikki

    omg! i love u nikki so much. i reckon u r the best host the shows got. it all started on new years eve going in to 2007. i was changing the channels so many times just to see what was on. i then came across channel 9 and thought maybe i will watch this. i then watched u host the show and found out how to play and every minute u made me burst out laughing. u r so good at acting and ur hilarious. i now watch the show tuesday to saturday every night without missing an episode. you r so much like me coz u always talk about ur dog "Kato" and i guess u love her so much just like i love my golden retriever "Ellie" so much. when i watch the show and there is another host i keep watching till u come on coz u r the best. heres my poem just for u.

    i wait all night
    till 12 am,
    i sometimes fall asleep
    but then, bam bam
    i wake up to the sound...
    of quizmania, coming around.
    i cross my fingers u will be on
    and when u r i throw my thongs
    coz ur the best host....
    i watch u and eat my toast.
    and when u dont come on
    i waitttttt and play along.
    if ive had a bad day
    i turn the TV on
    and play
    u make me happy and thats no lie,
    ur the one i look up to, in my life.
    i luv u like, a big sister
    u can tell anyone, even the prime minister
    i hope u understand
    your popular, with so many fans
    including Kato
    i think im the biggest one...
    i hope i am ur no1
    i also luv parksy!
    she is so cool
    and funny......!!!

    hope u luved it. i made it long to show u how much i care
    i wish u i million hugs and kisses plus the best luck in your career
    love Angel!!
    p.s thats my real name!no lies.


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