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Fan Club and gallery for Nikki Osborne, star of The Nation (Channel Nine Australia), former late night TV presenter on the Quizmania gameshow and one of Australian television's best looking and talented new stars. It's not Rocket Surgery...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tim Blair reports:
Caller Darren just got through to local TV gambleshow Quizmania, but was unable to quickly deal with host requests that he turn down the sound on his television. Darren’s explanation:
I’m sorry. I’m from South Australia.

Update: Tim links to us and notes other amazing stuff ups.

Plenty more images in the Nikki Osborne Gallery.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nikki On the Radio

Nikki was interviewed on Melbourne 97.9FM last week.

An MP3 of the interview can be listened to or downloaded here.

Thanks to Ross of SCO for sending it to us.


Rocket Surgery

Nikki proves (for the benefit of the dummies) that she does know what she's saying.



Last week, Nikki received a call from someone who should be paying a bit more attention.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


After a week's absence, Nikki has returned to the screen looking better than ever, ready for a great night's television.

Last night's episode was all about Fish. We learnt that Nikki doesn't really like fish, though is a dab hand at catching them. This is probably because her Mum holds the World Record for the largest Redfin Tuna caught by a woman.

Welcome back Nikki!

Radio Ga Ga

Nikki Osborne will be appearing live on SCO's Top 20 radio show
from 8pm, Wednesday 20 September on 97.9 FM (Melbourne) or live net streaming at

Update: Audio is now available.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nikki Osborne Video

This great Nikki compilation clip was found on Youtube.

Thanks to Drew for the clip.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Get Well Soon...

Nikki is off our screens this week due to illness.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery!

This what happens when Queenslanders have to endure Melbourne weather.

Rocket Surgery

We received this message:
I've been reading forums and I can't believe people don't get the "It's not rocket surgery!!" line!! They think Nikki doesn't realise she has got it wrong!

Wake up people!! The joke's on you!! I think you should publish this one as a headline because people are constantly assuming Nikki is a bimbo!!
She isn't, they're very wrong and Nikki's quite hilarious.

Let's say it one more time slowly: S H E ' S J O K I N G!!!

Get it wrong one more time, and this stuffed animal dies.

Sheesh.... It's not rocket surgery.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Right. Your Turn

We are now getting thousands of visitors to this site. It's obvious we aren't the only ones who adore Nikki.

However, capturing images from the show every single night is hard work. So we need your help Nikki Fans.

If you have a TV card, capture some good images and upload them to the Guest Uploads directory in the Nikki Osborne Gallery.

Alternatively, email them to us with any comments and we'll publish them for you.

We are also happy to receive desktop wallpapers, collages or other artistic efforts.

Over to you...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dance Nikki Dance!

Sam has sent in this terrific animation.

Should it become a permanent feature on the site's sidebar?