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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Are all Melbourne Bureacrats This Silly?

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:
A Victorian Government department raised questions about the suitability of a Channel Nine personality fronting a program spruiking regional Victoria because she had posed for a men's magazine.

Government authority Regional Development Victoria raised the concerns after a bureaucrat discovered television host Nikki Osborne had featured in Ralph magazine.

Let's see. Nikki was (very sensibly) selected for the campaign in May 2009. This site reported on it at the time.

About nine months later, an un-named bureaucrat has "discovered" Nikki's modelling history.

Nine months!

I wonder how long it will take them to discover that our Prime Minister hung around a strip joint once.

Geez, have these people not heard of Google? It would have shown them everything. A Google search for "Nikki Osborne" isn't exactly rocket surgery.

Your tax dollars at work. Wait until they discover that Kevin Rudd hangs around strip joints! Why, that's the sort of scandal which could stop you becoming Prime Minister one day.

Oh, wait...

Personally, we believe Provincial Victoria couldn't have chosen a better face. Well perhaps except for that chick in the McCain's Pizza Ad.

P.S. Memo to Ralph: Given that Nikki currently appears at the top of your top-five babe galleries, the least you could do is spell her name correctly!

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