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Fan Club and gallery for Nikki Osborne, star of The Nation (Channel Nine Australia), former late night TV presenter on the Quizmania gameshow and one of Australian television's best looking and talented new stars. It's not Rocket Surgery...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Top Nikki Quotes Volume 1

Nikki's hilarious ad-libs are a highlight of the show.

Via comments, this is where you can submit your favourite Nikki quotes.

You don't need to register, however please click 'other' and leave a name so they aren't all posted by 'anonymous'.

No career-killers please!

Comments now closed. Volume II is here.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Oh Nurse...

Last Sat/Sunday's episode of Quizmania had a doctors and nurses theme.

Feeling better?

Plenty more caps from this episode in the Nikki Osborne Gallery.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Chaser Takes on Late Night Quiz Shows

The Chaser have done a hilarious comparison of late-night television. Amy Parks appears for the Quizmania team (no Nikki) alongside Hotdogs and the Channel Seven offering, Midnight Zoo.

The segment also features the wonderful moment when someone gave the right answer to the wrong channel.

Watch the video...

(With thanks to whomever captured that video and didn't receive or respond to our email)

There are some more uploads in the Nikki Osborne Gallery. Screen-cappers please note, you can upload your own images to the guest uploads folder - or email them to us.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Evil Nikki

Here's the official Quizmania photograph of Nikki Osborne

And here's Nikki trying to recreate it last night as she emulated Dr Evil saying "one hundred dollars":


Last night was Elvis night on Quizmania.

Regular viewers know Nikki likes to encourage us to call her and "get on the Blozz".

Her producers told her they were counting how many times she said "Blozz". Nikki was trying to break her own record.

Easily done. Here's Nikki saying "Call me on the Blozz Blozz Blozz Blozz Blozz" just to tease them.

She later sang her own version of an Elvis classic:
A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this repetition ain't satisfactioning me
a little more right and a little less wrong
a little less bite and a little more blozz
get off the couch, pick up your blozz and win some money.
And then the producer hit the Sound-FX button: Bup-Bow.


Meanwhile, one of her many fans sent this photograph into the show:

We've seen her name spelled plenty of different ways - Nicky Osbourne for example, but Niccki?

Plenty of new screencaps uploaded to the Nikki Osborne Gallery.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Phones Down - Extended

Further to the earlier Phones Down post, I have found the full-length (9 minute) clip of poor Nikki Osborne and Amy Parks ad-libbing their way through Quizmania when there were no quizzes and no callers.

You don't often see television like this and for totally unscripted, unprepared and potentially disastrous television, everyone who watched it live will know it was impossible to change the channel. Well done girls!

Nikki's best quote: "By the way, that's not my belly, that's just a corset - in case there's rumours I'm a knocked up pornstar".

Push that monkey!


Global Stupidity

A few days ago, in "Hey Stupid" I commented on callers who gamble their calling costs to ring the quiz show yet come up with answers that not only are wrong, but were wrong the numerous other times previous callers used them.

It seems this is a global phenomena. From the UK Series of Quizmania:

Write down the bloody answers!

It's not Rocket Surgery...

Maybe they just want to talk to Nikki?


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Professional Photos of Nikki

We received this email today:
I'm her old publicist. I love the site you've set up. It's good to see that people have recognized how talented she is. So, I thought I would help you out a bit. I'll attach some pictures etc that you may like to add to the site.

Also, I can let you know that other credits of hers include:
  • "Jessica" the Bryce Courtney mini series
  • "The Mystery of Natalie Wood" U.S. mini series
  • "Ned" Aus feature film
  • "Magnum" TVC (TV Commercial)
  • "Soho Dip'n'Crunch" TVC
  • "Athletes Foot" TVC
  • "Greater Union" TVC
  • "Chase" VCA Short film
  • "All 8 Days" Short
  • "Capital One" U.S.TVC
She also toured as a singer with Jon English for a year.
She has a bachelor of Arts (acting) under her belt also.

I hope all of this info helps. She's a rather accomplished young Actress and it's great to finally see her getting noticed!!
We couldn't agree more. This and other wonderful photos have been added to the Nikki Osborne Gallery. Thank you for sending them.

Update:Nikki herself has just emailed! She's thrilled.


More Great Nikki News

According to logs we have now passed 500 unique visitors! Unbelievable.
One of these was even an old friend of Nikki's.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nikki Osborne Sends us an Email!

My heart nearly skipped a beat when I logged into email today and saw an email from Nikki Osborne, with the Subject: "Hi".


This what it said:
Hi there,

I am not a fan, heck I don't even watch the show - Here I was just googling my name and I come across this thing. MY NAME IS NIKKI OSBORNE - nobody else.

Does this mean I can host this show as well, since my name is Nikki Osborne?

How crazy. What's (the other) Nikki's middle name?


Nikki Osborne (confused)

Back to hoping... Hey (correct) Nikki, if you see this, get on the blozz!

Well Done!

We've just hit our hundredth visitor.

Poor Duck

No ducks were harmed in the making of last night's Quizmania.

Hey Stupid

Last night, callers had to guess Sitcoms.

No fewer than ten separate callers nominated "Seinfeld" as their answer.

Wrong.... Bzzzt.... Bupbow...... That answer was incorrect. Every single time.

If you are going to spend money making the call, you should try and write down the incorrect answers and even the odds in your favour. I didn't write anything down, yet I still knew that Seinfeld was wrong.

Poor Nikki Osborne had to try and keep a straight face when each successive silly person said "Seinfeld". Either that or she would try to appear genuinely keen to see if each caller would win, when there was no chance of it happening.

I suspect what she wanted to say, was "are you serious?"

This and plenty more photos have been uploaded to the Nikki Osborne Gallery where you can also upload your own pics to the Guest folder.

Top Quotes

Quizmania were offering "Quadruple Money" tonight.

$500 became $2000. Nikki was pondering "what could you buy if you won two thousand dollars?"

A trip to the Barrier Reef or about ten bananas.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Phones Down

Depending on your perspective, this was one of the greatest or worst moments on live television in recent memory.

Last week, Quizmania's phone system went down. Ah, the beauty of live television. When it became apparent the problem was serious, the two hosts, Nikki Osborne and Amy Parks had to ad-lib for about ten minutes before Channel Nine decided enough was enough and cut to a rerun of the Drew Carey show.

Click the play icon and witness the comic genuis of Nikki Osborne stalling for time.

Still captures have been uploaded to the Nikki Osborne Gallery.


Saturday, August 12, 2006


Nikki said it best on Quizmania last night:
"If you're been doing any Googling, i'd like to clarify that I am not a porn star. Apparently there is a redhead called Niki Osborne in the UK who is a porn star"
We won't be linking to her!

Guys, it's spelled: "N i k k i O s b o r n e".

Not Nicky. Not Osbourne and definitely not Nicky Osbourne.

"It's not rocket-surgery"...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Welcome to the Nikki Osborne Fan Club

Welcome to the Nikki Osborne Fan club.

We were immediately captivated by the beautiful Nikki when we first saw her on Quizmania (the new Australian version of this quiz show which appears after midnight on Channel Nine).

Besides her gorgeous looks, Nikki has the rare ability to amuse and entertain, completely unscripted within the small confines of the quiz gameshow program format. Her ad-libs and off-the-cuff-remarks mean she is talent worth keeping an eye on.

Late night television in Australia seems now to be saturated with gameshow and phone-in quiz games of a similar format. Whilst their content is similar, there's just no comparison between Hotdogs (ugh) and Nikki (yum).

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any details of Nikki Osborne online so decided to start this site for her growing number of fans. Hopefully she will receive more exposure in the future and we'll see more of her. Keep an eye on this site for updates. Right now, you can view our Nikki Gallery.

We'll all be staying up late keeping an eye on Nikki and ringing the competition number to speak with her (and maybe win some cash).

If you love Nikki Osborne, have any contributions, screencaps or other media, please send it to

Of course if you are Nikki Osborne... We'd sure love to hear from you! Get on the Bloz! :-)